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Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Materials Science

Dillon Boscia

Process Chemistry & Engineering Consultant

About MeI have 30 years of experience in botanical extraction. Natural medicinal chemistry has always been a passionate hobby (read: Aspie obsession) of mine since the early 1990's "Web 1.0" era internet of the BBS and newsgroups.

Professional Summary

I administrated a forum of over 9,000 members, teaching and learning about botanical extraction from 2002-2012. I have been consulting professionally in the medical and recreational cannabis sphere and other nascent legitimized avenues of research for about 10 years, now

Career Focus

  • Natural & Psychedelic Medicinal Chemistry
  • Decriminalization of Nature
  • Perceptive & Cognitive Liberty

Career Highlights

Designed the first ever published CLS for BHO “The HoneyPot” with FOAF in 2004 on • Enhanced process efficiency & product values for all clients, increasing reported revenues ≈27% on average (reported range: 13% to 82%)

Consulting Services

Fair Pricing & Business Practices • Strict Confidentiality • Procedural Documents – “SOP” • Research – Novel problem solving • Technical Writing • Billable hours • Analytical Chemistry – Assistance with method development, reference standard acquisition, and interpretation of both in-house and 3rd-party testing & compliance, as well as collaboration with 3rd-party labs in case adequate test methods have yet to be developed and validated for the analytes in question • Remote training via telecoms of various forms for the client’s entire singlesite/shift staff who need it • All initial troubleshooting to achieve success for at least 90 days, to be used at client’s discretion within one year from date of initiation • Support – Technical support on originally trained methods, indefinitely • Updates – Cannabis science is rapidly evolving, so when new methods and better practices are discovered (and validated), clients need only contact me at any time in the future for apprising of these changes.

Affiliated Companies

Advanced Refinement Solutions; Apis Labs; Arizona Cannabis Society; Australis Capital; Baer Extracts; Bloomfield Solutions; Canna Redux; Carbon Chemistry; CloneLabs (Austria); Coast to Coast Scientific; Dabfellas; Dark Horse; DH Thai Products; DJB Industries; Earthspring Organics; Elevated Medibles; Emerald Leaf Organics; Extracts Academy; Firefly Extracts; Fluids Manufacturing; Gem Botanicals; Gen X; Goon Squad Extracts; Heaven’s Shelf; HiTone; Humboldt Pure; HX Labs; Hyperion; Isolera Extracts; Jellis Scientific; Kola Labs; Labyrinth; Lorelei Integrated Therapeutics; Loud and Clear; Medville Pharm; Midwest Extraction Services; Monster Vape; Nectris; Octave; Omega; Ouro; Pacific Northwest Alchemy; Pagan River; Pharmex; Pink Polar Bear; Project 13; Red Feather Labs; Remedy Processors; Roji Concentrates; Russels Reserves; SamboCreeck Filtration; Secret Garden; Skope; Skunk Pharm; Soul Jelly Extracts; Spectra Leaf; Standard Cannabis; Swift Extractions; The Little Green Company; The Werc Shop; Thriven; Verdant Canna Co; Victory Garden Supply; Viriditek Solutions; Vermont CBD; Whispering Winds Naturals; Xray Pharms; and many, MANY others…