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  • Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Equipment Design & Buildout

Chris Berry

Hydrocarbon Extraction, Equipment design and buildout

About MeBorn in California, I have worked in cannabis nearly 20 years. I have done everything from cultivation, edible production, and specialized in concentrates and extraction with almost 14 years of hydrocarbon extraction experience. After leaving California, I ended up in Oklahoma (unfortunately) and was consulting out there for almost a year and a half. Sensing that staying in Oklahoma was going to be a dead end for me, I reached out to some friends in Colorado and took a position at Sano Gardens outside of Denver. I am currently the Director of Extraction for Sano.

Professional Summary

  • Hydrocarbon extraction efficiency, and scale
  • High volume hydrocarbon production
  • Equipment design and lab buildout

Career Highlights

  • 2nd Place – Best Concentrate Patients Choice Awards 2018
    Las Vegas, NV
  • 1st Place – Best Concentrate Harvest Cup
    Grove, OK
  • 2nd Place – Best Badder – Jack Herer Cup
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • 1st Place – Best Concentrate – Green Grow Fest
    Depew, OK

Consulting Services

  • Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Safety Training
  • Equipment Design & Buildout

Affiliated Companies

Sano Gardens