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RegionLos Angeles/Southwest

Conversational Spanish

Greg Arias

Extraction and Formulation Chemist

About MeFrom Albuquerque, NM, lived in Phoenix, AZ for 6 years and Los Angeles for 3 years

Professional Summary

Master’s and Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering with a focus on Alternative Energy. 5 years as an alcohol distiller in Phoenix, Worked in a Supercritical CO2 lab during that time as well. Moved to LA, worked in an Ethanol facility focusing on formulating, remediation and extraction. Consulting in the D8 space for the past couple years. Helped to start Hi On Nature and Remix Chem. On the side, I love graphic design and am proficient in the Adobe suite. One of my main roles besides the chemistry at Hi on Nature and Remix is marketing and brand design.

Career Highlights

Formulation chemistry and organic chemistry. Really anything chemistry related.

  • Multiple awards nationally/internationally for spirits in AZ
  • Started a sanitizer factory during pandemic, 4,000,000 gallons in 5 months
  • Started Hi On Nature in 2021, currently $100,000 per month in e-com sales, $200,000 per month in wholesale, $500,000 per month in distribution, white label sales.
  • Started Remix Chem, currently partnering with Greencoast Hydroponics stores

Consulting Services

  • All facets of chemistry
  • Business development
  • Graphic design, brand generation

Affiliated Companies

  • Hi on Nature
  • Remix Chem