How a Cannabis Certification Course Could Benefit You or Your Business

The cannabis industry is proving to be a very lucrative business in today’s market space. The market capital hit/reached nearly $30 billion dollars in the US economy in 2021 alone and that market continues/projected to gain/grow well into 2022. As the industry space continues to grow, there is a parallel/unprecedented need for the industry to standardize education requirements for specific levels of employment within the industry. While currently no standards for degrees or certifications exist federally, this is the perfect time to advance your own career and education by taking advantage of a number of training and certification programs that are open to the public.

There are countless reasons why you or your employees should consider attending and participating in a cannabis training and certification workshop or course. It doesn’t matter if you’re already in the cannabis manufacturing industry or if you’re considering cannabis manufacturing as a possible career path. Companies are always more inclined to hire employees with previous training and experience. Networking at learning programs has shown to be very beneficial as well. Business connections can be made, introductions to the right people can happen, and friendship building can all take place because you decided to attend a certain educational workshop or safety course. 

Last but not least, let’s not forget safety! Access to the right safety training and education is critical/essential depending on what area of the industry you choose/decide to work in. Hazards in the work space can vary considerably depending on what sort of manufacturing your business does but we strongly urge every company in the manufacturing space to have their employees participate in at least a 10-30 hour OSHA general industry health and safety course!

What is a cannabis certification course and which course is right for me?

Educational certificates are a great way for industries to form quality standards for safe practices that are important for an industry to establish liability protection. Certifications in general are a formal attestation or confirmation by an independent body that certain characteristics or criteria have been met by an object, an organization, or a person. Regardless of what area of the cannabis industry that you’re interested in, there’s a certification program for you. Specifically, the cannabis manufacturing education industry is exploding with a wealth of valuable information and resources for passionate individuals or companies that are new to the market space. It’s up to you to make the most of these courses while they’re available. Some of the courses are put together by other passionate individuals who want to help this industry grow and develop!

Some of the most common cannabis manufacturing courses to consider could include:

  1. General manufacturing:
    Learn about general manufacturing methods and practices. This is just to get an understanding of a manufacturing facility overall. Helpful to get “entry level” manufacturing or site worker positions if you have absolutely no experience with cannabis extractions and infusions. General laborers, packagers, post processors, all can benefit from these entry level manufacturing courses. The more advanced positions ie: Lab Director, Lab Manager, Lead Extractor, Operations Manager and Shift Leads.
  2. General Safe Practices:
    Some training classes have been set up to help you understand how to apply safe practices in a cannabis manufacturing facility setting and some courses are for employees and laborers to understand more general industrial safe practices in a general manufacturing setting.
  3. Filtration and Adsorbants:
    Many training classes will give some overview of the general advantages and functions of extract filtration and product refinement. These courses can help you understand safe filtration practices and clear up any uneducated stigmas regarding product refinement.
  4. Hydrocarbon Extraction:
    Volatile extraction methods can be very dangerous. We highly recommend that anyone considering this profession or business to take as many certification and workshop programs necessary in order to become more than proficient with general and safe practices. Understanding pressures, saturation rates, thermal dynamics, phase shifts for gases and their physical properties are all essential fundementals of hydrocarbon extraction in cannabis manufacturing. 
  5. Distillation:
    SPD, Wiped Film, FFE. No matter what distillation methods you’re trying to develop, certification and workshop courses can help excel your company’s path to success!